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Preparing to submit small sketches.
:iconnaturephotographer: :iconbrailacity: :iconart-nouveau-club:
  • Listening to: parov stelar
  • Reading: Jack Kerouac, On the road
  • Eating: fish
Heading for the weekend: I have some photos from Istanbul, Portugal, from my block of flats and from the "happy three friends in front of the TV" photo session. Hope I have the time to process some of them..
  • Listening to: placebo
  • Reading: XS
  • Watching: -
  • Playing: with my sheep on facebook
  • Eating: not
  • Drinking: tea
I should do something freaky.
I feel so random these days...
  • Listening to: plotter soundz
  • Reading: -
  • Watching: -
  • Playing: -
  • Eating: -
  • Drinking: cinnamon big cofee with swiss chocolate
Thanks to precious help from :icondrk000: :hug::hug:, I finished with my diploma project..Yay!! :crazy:   
Now I'm ready for new posting and stuff :w00t: , so I begin with some snapshots I made in my trip to Budapest and seaside in Romania (Vama and Tuzla)
That's it.

Luv to my :iconserbetdelamaie: , greetings to my dear friend :icongabrielaalbu:

Here are some people I like on DA (they deserve your attention, too): :iconrimfrost: :iconsaintsazzle:   :iconabrza: :iconfelolira: :iconmehmeturgut: :iconexcer: :iconxmegalopolisx: :iconfruehlingskind:

Clubs (where I'm not really active, because just like my dear Shikamaru..I think it's too troublesome :XD:  :iconart-nouveau-club: :iconbrailacity:
  • Listening to: weezer - pork&beans
  • Reading: history something
  • Watching: -
  • Playing: -
  • Eating: cookieeess!!
  • Drinking: tea
I cut my finger while cleaning my room.
I'm not in the mood to work fo my proj so I waste my time.
I really shouldn't.
Anywayz, I've been drawing shikamaru instead of some structure for my "mendoxe" project, so here it is.
  • Listening to: minmi -shiki no uta
  • Reading: neufert :D
  • Watching: i shouldn't
  • Playing: same
  • Eating: cereals
  • Drinking: milk
trip to B ulgaria- sea landscaping,bit cloudy, yet enjoyable. Easter time.
Thank you  :hug:   to all who have given faves, comments and dropped by to see what's new.

:iconbrailacity: :iconart-nouveau-club:
  • Listening to: mozart
  • Reading: orhan pamuk- white fortress
  • Watching: naruto, after
  • Playing: none
  • Eating: vanilla pudding
  • Drinking: pink pepper tea
nothing to say really.
fill in the blank ,please :

clubs  :iconbrailacity:   :iconart-nouveau-club:
  • Listening to: amy winehouse
  • Reading: my task
  • Watching: cad
  • Playing: none
  • Eating: none
  • Drinking: tess tea
weee!! there's the art nouveau club, for us to enjoy:D
  • Listening to: club smthin
  • Reading: my tasks
  • Watching: cad
  • Playing: cad
  • Eating: cad
  • Drinking: coff
Can't wait to go snowboarding:P..finally, vacation is here!!!yaay!
  • Listening to: carols
  • Reading: my practice form
  • Drinking: coff -black
I seem not to be able to change that mood, some error..nvmd. me appy. got internet at home:Dfinally!
  • Listening to: rome wasn't built in a day
  • Reading: some tut
  • Watching: max rendering..or not
  • Playing: santa catching presents
  • Eating: orange
  • Drinking: still water
A friend asked me the other day..what do I see when I think of the word "HOPE"..I took a break from what I was doing, and my first thought was a sphere of white smoke-like matter in the darkenss.
She said we should ask others what they think and the funniest conclusion was that none of them could think of anything pictureable. Only two of my friends said something about lottery numbers and the other...butterflies:D..oh and the one that asked me  said she pictured a bunch of colured baloons. All the rest said somenthing like.."I think of incertainty..etc" :(.
It was an interesting exercise and I could draw a conclusion:that many people can't picture a concept in their mind. Nor bidimensional, neither 3d- no movement, light or shadow. That's sad.
  • Listening to: Nutcracker
  • Reading: still mail
  • Watching: stuff
  • Eating: no meat starting yesterday
  • Drinking: tea
capture of feelings - canned memories.
  • Listening to: music+ drill whatever
  • Reading: mail
  • Drinking: coffee
boredom all over. rain and work. lists of materials: walls, screed, ceiling, plastering, NO fun at all. no inspiration. plain boredom. perspectives on a parquet- arranging weekend in my holiday enthusiasm. ihhh :(
  • Listening to: some minimal radio
  • Reading: xel lists
  • Watching: snowboarding screen- saver
  • Playing: with my fingers
  • Eating: sugarand bread-I'll get so fat
  • Drinking: turkish coffee
I should add a series of fall-coloured images which have delighted my sight on my way to oradea/arad
  • Listening to: phoenix
  • Reading: ...
  • Watching: plans..
  • Playing: notin
  • Eating: notin
  • Drinking: nescafe
bad bad bad bad
  • Listening to: dolores
  • Reading: no
  • Watching: my reddish glasses
  • Playing: with my mind
  • Eating: plastic
  • Drinking: nescafe
is bw trendy now?Am I bored enough?
  • Listening to: gilberto
  • Reading: everything
  • Watching: same display
  • Playing: with my nerves
  • Eating: sugar
  • Drinking: nescafe
:iconbrailacity: poate de data asta mere...:D na ca na-am dat preview
  • Listening to: bent
  • Reading: to the lighthouse
  • Watching: another display
  • Playing: with acad and ps
  • Eating: celery soup
  • Drinking: nescafe
iconBrailaCity ma chinui ji io sa joi clubul orajului meu :w00t:
  • Listening to: bent
  • Reading: to the lighthouse
  • Watching: another display
  • Playing: with acad and ps
  • Eating: celery soup
  • Drinking: nescafe
well, a loong day at work.jus waiting for time to pass.and get  my vacation approved.hopefully.other than that...autocad, lazy plotter, low ink, packing A1s.
  • Listening to: mozart
  • Reading: lists..
  • Watching: display
  • Playing: nothin
  • Eating: salad
  • Drinking: water